With 12 years of professional dancing experience and over 15 years teaching Vocational level Ballet (with numerous student achievements. For more information see ABOUT) at various institutions, I have used my knowledge, experience and expertise to design Classical Coaching Workshops designed to help accelerate advanced students (including pre-professional dancers)  and enable them to step closer to fulfilling their aspirations.



Sunday workshops incorporate Body Conditioning (Floor Barre/Classical Pilates), Classical Coaching (Vaganova based) and Pointe Work designed to create 'pure', articulate, technically able and detailed dancers.


There are 2 age categories from 9-12 year and 13-15 years.

All Sunday Workshops run approximately twice per term and can be booked on a regular or casual basis. Bookings can be made by using the BOOK ONLINE link or by email.



There are also workshops during the School Holidays. The school holiday workshops allows for up to 1 hour to be spent on body conditioning, in order to help reactivate muscles after time off and maintain muscle condition. Classical Coaching and Variations lessons follow. This can be booked using the BOOK ONLINE link or by email.


There are 2 age categories: from 9-12 years and 13-15 years.


Workshop dates can be found on the Workshop Dates link. Extra dates maybe added if numbers allow and can be found on the Book Online calendar.


Private coaching is available a few Sundays per term for technique, core strengthening and competition coaching. Students can also receive advice regarding career steps, competition routes and auditioning. This advice is on request and can be booked using the BOOK ONLINE link. 

Body Conditioning combines elements of floor barre, Classical Pilates, Progressing ball technique and other core focused methods to activate, tone and strengthen core muscles groups. Students are taught about each of the core groups and how their utilisation benefits the dancer both for technical strength, postural  alignment, physical tone and physical well being and safety. Students are invited to bring their own exercise mats and therabands and are encouraged to continue these exercises between workshops on a regular basis.

Classical Coaching is a class based upon the Vaganova Method. Every workshop focuses upon strengthening and consolidating core and rotational strength, correct postural alignment, safe working practices, developing a clean/pure technique with appropriate use of the upper body, arms and epaulement. In some workshops the focus maybe more upon improving pirouettes, or increasing the height of extensions, or balon or preparing for auditions. However each Workshop follows the class format (Barre, Centre & Allegro)  and includes pointe work (students not en pointe continue the work to strengthen calf muscles and metatarsals).

There are two different age categories, from 9-11 years and 12-15 years.

In Variations workshops, students (male and female) learn Repertoire solos from well known, traditional full length ballets. This allows students to work upon combining technique with artistry encouraging to think about their own way of interpreting a role/character. This highly valuable class also assists students in their understanding of the use of dynamics and encourages them to become more versatile in their presentation. Equally,  students learn more about ballet's rich history and modern day presence. All students must attend the Classical Coaching Workshop before participating in the Variations Workshop.

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