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'Inspiring Passion, Fulfilling Potential'

I am delighted to offer Coaching Programs for students aged 10 years and over.

The Coaching Programs are designed to challenge, inspire and accelerate aspiring students who wish to refine and increase their classical skill levels for a future in classical ballet.

*Acceptance is upon successful audition.

The Training

The Vaganova method is the training style most internationally renowned full time ballet schools base their teaching systems. This is not a syllabus of set classes, but  a method of teaching that produces the beautiful use of the upper body with liquid like extensions and athleticism, that we see in Companies today.

I feel that it is so important that students wishing to attend one of these prestigious institutions, start to train and gain knowledge of this method at an earlier age.

Body Conditioning/Pilates enables students to gain both anatomical knowledge, increased strength and mobility to engage the correct muscles with postural alignment to acquire a clean and sound technique.

Variation coaching provides students with the vital coordination skills, artistic development and understanding of classical ballet repertoire that are vital for a career in classical ballet.

Pointe classes allow for a methodical and comprehensive approach to strengthening. Students are provided with essential knowledge and skills that allows them greater opportunities in the future.


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Specialised Vocational Coaching 2024 

Our Specialised Vocational Coaching is designed for students pursuing a career in classical ballet. This program offers students:

  • Every Coaching Program 

  • Plus Wednesday weekly Classical training 

  • Plus Thursday weekly Classical Coaching

  • Weekly Contemporary classes and private coaching

  • Weekly Character classes 

  • Weekly Private Coaching and Choreography for major National and International Competitions (1 hour per week Classical & 30 mins Contemporary).

Approximately 20 hours per week of coaching

Strictly limited to 8 students.

Annual Assessment and Report provided

End of year performance and external performance opportunities throughout the year.

Friday Coaching Program 2024

The Friday Coaching Program runs weekly and is a perfect transitional program for advanced students with the potential of a career in classical dance. It is designed to enable students to develop the technical skills, knowledge and stamina to transition more easily in to full time classical ballet training.

9-9.30am Classical Conditioning/Warm up

9.40-11.30am Technical (Vaganova Based) Class

11.30-12.30pm  Pointe/Male Coaching

1-2pm Variations or Repertoire

2-2.30pm Stretch, Performance Rehearsal or Information sessions

When possible, the program will have guest teachers for classes in ballet as well as in contemporary.

*Students are ideally aged 12 years and over.

* Annual assessment and report provided

*End of year performance opportunity

*Letters of recommendation can be provided for schools if required.

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11-16yr Coaching Programs 2024

There are multiple coaching programs on offer for aspiring, advanced classical ballet students wishing to increase their classical ballet knowledge, skills and ability.

Mondays (weekly with the option to attend fortnightly)


Body Conditioning, Technical Class, Pointe Class or Variation Coaching

Friday Coaching Program (weekly - please see above)


Body Conditioning, Technical Class, Pointe Class, Variation Coaching

Saturdays (weekly)


Body Conditioning, Technical Class, Pointe

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 10-12yrs Coaching Program

This Program is designed for aspiring, young students who wish to increase their classical ballet skills, knowledge and strength.

Saturdays (weekly)


Technical Class and Body Conditioning

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Student Achievements

Acceptance to:

  • Royal Ballet School

  • The Australian Ballet School

  • Dutch National Ballet Academy

  • English National Ballet School

  • European School of Ballet

  • School of American Ballet

  • Mannheim Academy of Dance (Germany)

  • New Zealand School of Dance,

  • John Cranko School of Ballet (Stuttgart)

  • Zurich Dance Academy (Switzerland)

  • QLD Pre-Professional Course and the Ballet Academy.  


Former students have gone on to perform with companies:

  • The Australian Ballet

  •  Queensland Ballet

  • Western Australian Ballet

  • Manila Ballet

  • Bayersishces Staats Theatre (Germany) 

  • Northern Ballet (UK)

  • English National Ballet 

  • Royal New Zealand Ballet


Past students coached and choreographed for have been placed in the following competitions of note:

  • Prix de Lausanne 2016,2017,2018 & 2020

  • The Australian Ballet School Scholarship Awards

  • Alana Haines NZ

  • Sydney Eisteddfod Elizabeth Albert Scholarship

  • Sydney Scholarships Awards,

  • AICD International Scholarships,

  • Ballet Teachers’ Workshop Finals 

  • Asian Grand Prix 

  • Australian Classical Grand Prix

  • Australian Classical Challenge

  • YAGP

Summer Schools:

  • Paris Opera Ballet School Summer Intensive

  • Royal Ballet School Summer Intensive

  • John Cranko School of Ballet Summer Intensive (Scholarships)

  • Australian Ballet School (Scholarships)

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